How do I install updates for Windows?

FAQ Categories: Security, Windows (Microsoft)

These instructions help customers meet FAS IT Computer Security Best Practices by downloading and installing the latest Windows XP updates and patches. 

NOTE: You will have to restart your computer at the end of these instructions. 

  1. Ensure all open programs are closed.
  2. Open the Internet Explorer browser.
  3. In the Main Toolbar click Tools > Windows Update to open the Windows Update site.                                                                    

  4. Or

  5. Click Express.                                                                         Updates
  6. When prompted, click Install Updates to install all recommended updates.   Install Updates
  7. At the License Terms window click I Accept to continue.     AcceptLicenseTerms   
  8. Wait until all recommended updates are installed.          UpdatesInstalling
  9. At the prompt, click Restart Now to restart your computer and allow the updates to take effect.                                                                                                          Restart Now    
FAS IT recommends setting your computer to check for automatic updates, as a Security Best Practice. 
Last reviewed: 03/04/2010