VPN to the Harvard FAS Network

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Harvard FAS offers VPN (Virtual Private Network) software and connections to allow FAS affiliates remote access to the Harvard network.

Connections via VPN permits off-campus clients with FAS accounts to useany of the commercial software distributed by Harvard as well as accessto FAS services that work exclusively on the Harvard network. FASaffiliates may also use their HUID and PIN to connect to VPN.

Visit the FAS IT AnyConnect VPN page to connect to the FAS VPN.

What if I already have a Cisco VPN client installed?

Please contact the FAS IT Service Desk for assistance with installing and using the Harvard VPN if you have another organization's Cisco VPN client installed on your computer. 

Since March 2010, the preferred method of connecting to the FAS VPN is to use the clientless VPN solution, AnyConnect. This may be done by following the instructions found here.

I have gone to the FAS AnyConnect page - how do I connect?

Log on to the FAS network using your FAS account login information or Havard PIN and user info.

Sample VPN login using @fas credentials.


Sample VPN login using HUID & PIN.

FAS VPN is supported by both broadband and dial-up providers, although broadband is recommended as dial-up connections are usually very slow.

More detailed instructions may be found here.

Is the data encrypted?

Using VPN does not encrypt network traffic - the VPN client mustbe connected to the network.As the computer receives a Harvard FAS IP address, security protocols used by FAS IT treat the computer as if itwere physically connected to the FAS Network. Data between a computeron a VPN and the FAS Network is encrypted and can be consideredreasonably secure. Network traffic is encrypted between the computerand the Harvard FAS VPN gateway. VPN allows for secure wireless networking on the FAS WirelessNetwork.

Can I use VPN to register my arrival on campus?

No - the only service not permitted via VPN is registration.

Can I set up a server on my computer to offer VPN access?

Configuration of one's own server for VPN is not possible on the FAS Network - More Info

Last reviewed: 08/16/2011