Where can I buy hardware or obtain repair services?

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Repairs for FAS students, faculty, and staff

FAS faculty and staff can contact HUIT Support at 5-9000 or ithelp@harvard.edu for information on computer repair services.


For the purchase of new computer equipment for personal use, Harvard affiliates can use Technology Products and Services. Technology Products and Services has arranged special pricing for purchasing Apple and Dell products for Harvard affiliates.

Technology Products and Services also operates Harvard Tech Hub in the basement of the Science Center, room B-11. If you are interested in their computer sales services, and to demo a Mac or Dell, just drop by whenever they are open. Also sold at this location is software for Macs and Windows PCs, printers, and a selection of accessories for Macs and Windows PC’s. Hours are posted online at www.computers.harvard.edu

Other local vendors that sell computing equipment, such as Ethernet cables and cards, software packages, laptops and desktops, are listed below. Their presence on this list does not imply endorsement from HUIT or from Harvard University. This is simply a list of vendors who are local or accessible from Harvard Square and are well-known for technology sales.

Last reviewed: 09/05/2013