Where on my computer do I find the SSID (network name) setting for a wireless Ethernet card?

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To use a wireless Ethernet card on the FAS Network, you need to set the SSID or network name to “Harvard University.” The SSID or network name can be found in one of several places:

  • On a Windows XP PC, this setting is typically found in the Network Control Panel. From inside the Network Connections control panel, double-click on your connection, then click on View Wireless Networks (XP SP2) or the Wireless Networks tab under Properties (XP pre-SP2).
  • If the SSID is not found in the Network Control Panel on a Windows system, look for a program group installed by the card driver. Also check your system tray in the taskbar near the clock and look for a running card setting/configuration tool. This is especially in the case of versions of Windows before XP (95-2000).
  • In Mac OS X, open the System Preferences application and choose the Network Preferences pane. Choose the AirPort device and set the network name here.
  • In Mac OS 7-9, open your AirPort control panel (via the Apple Menu or the control strip), and check the box labeled "Allow selection of closed networks." Then, choose "Other..." as your AirPort Network in the AirPort control panel. It will prompt you for a name and a password. Enter the SSID in the name field, and leave the password field blank. Apple AirPort users must be running version 1.2 or higher of the AirPort software in order to be able to set the SSID value.

In a few areas, the “FAS Network” SSID will be present. This SSID may be used in the same manner as “Harvard University”.

Last reviewed: 07/09/2008