How do I manually register a network device?

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To manually register a device on the Harvard University Network, you will first need to find the device’s MAC Address. For assistance determining your machine’s MAC Address, please see our FAQ below:

How do I obtain my MAC Address? 

Now that you have your MAC address, please visit the following registration page to get started:

*This website is only available from the Harvard Network
**You will only be able to access this process from a computer or device that is already registered on the Harvard Network

1. Visit the AutoRegistration website:
2. Log in with your Harvard ID number and PIN password 

Autoreg Login Page 

3. Once successfully logged in, please select the “Manual Registration” link found on your “Home” page

Autoreg Manual Registration

4. Enter the MAC address of the new device, and fill in any other relevant information that will help distinguish this machine from others registered in your name, for example "Apple Laptop WiFi" or "Apple Laptop Ethernet"

AutoReg New Client

5. Click Register

Your device is now successfully registered on the Harvard University network. Please reboot the device, connect it to the network and test your internet access.

Device not connecting? Call Harvard University IT at 617-495-9000 or email at Please be ready with your Harvard ID and MAC Address for troubleshooting.

Last reviewed: 05/16/2012