I will be leaving FAS. When will my FAS e-mail account close? Does mail or Web page forwarding work after my account closes?

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Preparing for Account Expiration

Note: Separateonline documentationis available for students making use of the @College email system.

Important dates

  • College, GSAS Students:¬†After graduation, access ends after 90 days, forwarding and resources are deleted 30 days thereafter¬†
  • Faculty, Staff, Extension/Summer School students, and all other FAS affiliates: Access ends after 30 days, forwarding and resources are deleted 30 days thereafter¬†

Forward Correspondence

New, incoming email arriving at your FAS account can be forwarded to another account and an autoreply vacation message sent informing the sender of your new email address.

You may change your forwarding information via these account tools even after your account has expired. Please note that these services are only temporary and will end when your account is deleted.

To use email forwarding, you must have another account to which incoming messages can be directed. If you do not have another account and you wish to set up mail forwarding, you will need to open an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). A helpful website is http://thelist.internet.com.

If you have registered any domain names, and are using your FAS email address as the contact address for these domains, be certain to update your contact address with your domain name registry before your email forwarding ends.

Archive files

Register with Alumni Association for permanent email forwarding

(for alumni only)

The Harvard Alumni Association offers permanent, lifetime email forwarding for alumni. It is a forwarding service that gives you a permanent email address, such as yourname@post.harvard.edu. Messages sent to your Post.Harvard address are forwarded directly to an email account you provide to the service.

Please note:

  1. This email forwarding address is not an account. It will not replace your current email Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your Harvard email account.
  2. Setting up a Post.Harvard forwarding address does not mean that email sent to your FAS account will automatically forward to your Post.Harvard address. You must set up mail forwarding from your FAS account yourself.
Last reviewed: 01/12/2012